DMQ's 3M3
Learning Anywhere - Practice Anytime – Immediate Result 
The simple magic invention tools to learn English

 What is the difference between effective and efficient? Let's say you had to travel from London to Paris; what means of transportation would you use? You could walk, run, ride a bike, drive a car, use a motorcycle, take a train, or fly (by plane). All of these methods of transportation are effective, they work; you will get there. But, which methods require the least amount of energy and accomplish the job in the shortest period of time? Learning English can be broken down into two areas: input and output. Input consists of reading and listening while output consists of writing and speaking.  Clearly, in order to have best quality output, you must have great quality input.

DMQ had create a magical method tool 3M3 to help English learners inject the most  effective and efficient input so all learners can maximize super great quality output.